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Many people hope they can prepare steaks at home which tastes as good as they get at their favorite steak restaurant. Often their efforts to cook steaks in failure ranging from burning steaks outside and truly raw inside into the steak that takes resemblance to black wingtip shoes. Look at the type of steak that will be cooked and the preparation method will run far to ensure a satisfying dining experience.

Not all steaks are the same. There are different cooking rules for different steaks. Cooking fillet Mignon can be problematic due to thickness, when trying to fry thin steaks can exercise frustrated for those who don’t care about their steaks done well. The thickness of the steak must always be considered when deciding what cooking method will be used.

Before cooking start, it is very important that the steaks will be cooked allowed to reach room temperature. Depending on the size of the steak and room temperature around, this usually has to take between half an hour and one hour. The reason for this is quite clear. Placing a cold steak on any cooking media used distorting cooking time and usually produces uneven dishes.

Before cooking, the use of rubbing can be satisfying for those who want to increase the natural flavor of beef. This can be as simple as a mixture of salt and pepper massaged into the meat before being cooked. Some people like to add dried garlic or spices and other spices to rub for a more striking taste. Remember that large pieces of steak already have a great natural sense.

More or less when cooking steaks. Too many violin chefs with steaks while cooking. The steak must be left alone while reaching the brown stage. Too many rounds and flipping will interfere with this process. Even worse, is the type of poking steak when cooking because this will negatively affect the texture and release the juice prematurely.

Determine when the steak is done often Bugaboo for many people. In addition to the eyeball test, a good practical rule is to gently press your finger in the middle of the steak. If it doesn’t get back up at all, it’s not done at all. A little spring back usually means that it is a rare medium. After the steak was pulled from the heat, it was important to let them rest for a few minutes to allow juice to be locked.

To get an amazing steak, steak lovers don’t always have to make a reservation. With extraordinary beef pieces and knowledge of how to cook it, a successful eating experience as close to your favorite butcher.