Posted on: September 30, 2021 Posted by: Rocco Eden Comments: 0

Are you looking for a fun game to play with your friends? If so, look no further than High Low Card Game. This game is easy to learn, and the rules are not complex at all. It’s quick, so there’s less time spent waiting around for people to take their turn.

We have put together few tips that will help you win more often!

Top Tips:

The first one is to have a strategy before you play. This is the key to being successful in any game, but especially this one. If your friends are experienced players, they might try and trick you into thinking there’s no real way of winning, so make sure that when playing with them, you know what cards they’ve already played!

The second thing is knowing what each card value means. You should differentiate between the numbers two through ten immediately because these are face cards (King Queen Jack). Face cards can beat all other number cards except for an Ace which surpasses everything else, including face cards!

Sometimes it’s better not even looking at your hand if it contains low valued numbers or even Kings, depending on how many players there are. Better yet, get rid of those cards by playing them to the middle, forcing everyone else to pick up another card.

The third thing is knowing that you can play any number or face card from your hand onto a matched set in the centre pile, as long as they are of equal value! This means if there are three threes on top of each other, you could put a six next to it and so forth.

You always want this because every time someone does, it makes it harder for other players at the table! If possible, try not to match numbers with their suit either because then they’re useless.

For example, don’t place two sevens side by side where one matches its suit (hearts) and one doesn’t (spades). Matching suits is something you should avoid at all costs!