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The grill is very often used as a key element of any picnic. This is a perfect device that offers an opportunity to cook a large number of aromatic and savory dishes. And the appearance and smell of cooked food will be the best ways to stimulate appetite.

Generally different fuel variations are generally used for grill, such as firewood, charcoal, coal bricks. The best is birch wood and oak and coal. Some species of wood, such as juniper, can serve as additional flavor. Avoid spruce and pine wood – due to high resin content, smoke can spoil the taste of the cooking meal. Carefully use treated timber, it may contain dangerous substances for health in impregnation or coating.

It is very easy to prepare the grill before cooking. First find a good place, protected from the wind, free of branches of neighboring trees. In case you can not find a windless place, you must use a protection screen. You should also think about cleaning the grill more, if you preserve the box for coal with a sheet, it will be much easier to clean it later.

Just forget the vents, which should not be closed, then the holes of the sheet.

Turn on the woods lit in the middle of the box with brush. Do not save the fuel so that heat is maintained for several hours. If you did not estimate the fuel and you burned before your holidays finished, remove the grill, add wood or charcoal, mix and wait until it burns. Do not cook the following portions too early. And do not rush the process, pour a liquid fuel, not intended to grill. The consequences can be very regrettable.

Define what you are going to cook and pick up the good grid of your grill: apartment for steaks, bulk for poultry and vegetables. On the grid for the fish, you can also cook chopsticks or sliced ​​vegetables.

Oil the grid and temperament, the meal will not stick.

If you are cooking the meat, remember that the best for cooking will be young meat or low fat meat. If you have a lean meat, put fat slices on it. The fat will be melted and soak the meal. The bottom line is that it does not drip on the coals, an unpleasant odor and the taste of food can spoil.

Salk the meat before cooking or for it, otherwise it would lose too much juice and will be rigid. In addition, if the meat is cut on the grain, it will be softer. For more juicy meat, you should use the marinade. Or you can simply plunge small slices of meat into oil and large chops in cold water. Such a meat will not burn slightly and cook uniformly.

The pork is the fastest fried, cooking lamb and beef requires more time.

Poultry should also be prepared before cooking. It can be marinated or simply rubbed with lemon juice. If you want to have more delicate, juicy and fragrant chicken meat, you can cook it with fruits and nuts. In the case of cooking the entire trunk, salt inside and outside, then put it in juicy fruits and sewn. You do not regret.

Fish is cooked much faster than meat or poultry. If you grill the whole carcass, it is very easy to determine the will of it. The eyes become white – you can eat. Fish fillets must be pierced: if the fork or knife easily pierce, the dish is ready.

If you cook a very delicate fish so that the pieces of fish do not occur, hold them in an acidic neckline or salt for ten minutes before the heat treatment. And do not remove the skin: the fish will be very pretty.