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If you’re requiring a greater degree of care, or no more desire to live in your house, relocating with the family is definitely an attractive proposition. There are lots of potential benefits for your family, such as the security of knowing a family member can there be 24 hrs each day, the opportunity to hang out with children and grandchildren and the opportunity to maintain an amount of independence. However, you should be sensible about expectations and practicalities, so make sure to discuss all of the practical, financial and emotional details with the family before deciding.


Consider the kind of space that’ll be open to you. Will you have to get upstairs? Maybe there is room for the motorized wheel chair or walking aid if you want one? Will your loved ones gladly make alterations or adaptations to some bed room, bathroom or kitchen to make sure that your care needs are met?

If at all possible, pick a space which may be yours and yours alone. For a lot of families, getting a ‘granny flat’ or perhaps a separate area of the house is the greatest solution. You will find advantages within this since it provides some independence for you personally although simultaneously, getting your loved ones close. Additionally, it implies that your loved ones aren’t disrupted. It might be easy to sell your present home to cover a conversion for your family’s home, although there might be a good quantity of stress associated with selling your house and converting another, so again, this method needs a large amount of thought. Should you choose choose a all-in-one annexe or perhaps a conversion, confirm the price of heating, lighting, council tax etc – will this be billed individually or could it be a part of your family’s bill?

If you’re not able to reside in another annexe, make sure that you a minimum of have your personal bed room along with a space for the books and possessions. It is crucial that you are feeling comfortable in your space which your privacy is respected. Attempt to arrange for your own personel phone line and if you are using one, home line. Have a television inside your room, so that you can watch the programmes you select, when you wish.

Have you got any special nutritional needs? Are you eating every meal with your family or would you’d rather eat individually, at any given time of the selecting? Who’ll prepare? Who’ll perform the trips to market?


It is essential to attract up a contract, despite the fact that your family might be close, because it protects everybody and descriptions expectations before you decide to relocate. Are you going to pay rent along with a number of the debts? If you’re investing financially in the household house, how can this affect any future funding of care (frequently means tested)? What goes on should you and a relative argue or perhaps your boy/daughter separate using their spouse? Get legal counsel individually out of your family and draft an agreement which everybody is satisfied to sign.

Family Factors

There is the need for several adjustment by your family whenever you transfer to their property, or perhaps a house that you simply are purchasing together. Are everyone people pleased with the arrangement? Would be the children getting to stop a bed room or adult quit a workplace? Will the household gladly provide your care, or equally to aid your independence (some family people can care an excessive amount of, resulting in a scenario enabling you to become prematurely dependent)?

Investigate possibilities for respite choose to provide your family a rest, as well as for activities for that seniors for example day centres and organizations. Try a own interests as well as your own social existence whenever we can.