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Bridal bouquets happen to be the mainstay of wedding flowers from the moment of ancient times. Brides have transported bouquets because the occasions from the ancient Greeks when wedding bouquets of herbs were transported to defend against bad spirits. Wedding bouquets ongoing to evolve with the Victorian age when many flowers were put into bridal bouquets due to their meaning. Nowadays, the bride’s bouquet remains the focus of wedding flowers which is unquestionably every bride’s best accessory.

Just like the utilization of herbs and flowers in wedding bouquets has changed, and so do other information on the bride’s bouquet. With brand new designs for wedding flowers, bridal bouquets are becoming a lot more unique and personalized. Wedding flowers are a very good way to exhibit your look and set some distinctive touches in your marriage ceremony and reception décor.

So, how can you help make your bride’s bouquet stick out? Continue reading and uncover probably the most inventive new suggestions for bridal bouquets and choose which fresh trend suits the wedding flowers.

Here’s what’s new in bridal bouquets:


Monograms have become extremely popular for every aspect of weddings including wedding flowers. The monogram is usually from the groom’s surname, but could be a mixture of the groom’s initials and also the bride’s initials.

Monograms could be featured with wedding flowers inside a couple of various ways. Bridal bouquets wrapped with ribbon and fabric can show monograms embroidered to the fabric or stitched to the fabric with beads or rhinestones. Bouquets may also feature monograms produced with wire or piping. Monograms are an easy way for wedding couples to exhibit pride within their family names and add personalization for their wedding flowers.

Different Textures

Today’s wedding flowers feature a number of different blooms along with other products that combine together to produce exquisite textures that add some of the unpredicted to bridal bouquets. The easiest method to add different textures for your wedding flowers is by using a number of different types and shapes of flowers mixed together. Bearing in mind which wedding flowers have been in season for the wedding, choose flowers that flatter one another with various textures. Flowers with different textures like carnations and roses or spider mums and calla lilies lend contrast to bridal bouquets.

A different way to add a little bit of texture for your wedding flowers is by using some non-traditional products inside your bouquet. Shells, fruit, pinecones, down, leaves and berries are a few unconventional products which you can use to include texture for your wedding flowers.

Breakaway Bouquets

A brand new and clever idea in wedding flowers, breakaway bouquets are gaining in recognition for creative brides. Comprised of any kind of flower, breakaway bouquets seem to be one large bouquet, but they are really made up of three separate bouquets. The bride to be will carry the big combined bouquet lower the aisle after which she’ll break the 3 bouquets apart and they’re going to be utilized for other wedding flowers.

From the three bouquets, the first is usually employed for the bouquet toss, these guys for that bride to help keep and also the third is perfect for the bride to be to provide like a special gift to some friend or family member. Breakaway bouquets give a unique touch to traditional wedding flowers.

Vibrant Colors

Another sweeping trend for wedding flowers is using vibrant colors in bridal bouquets. Though so many women still stick to traditional shades of white-colored and cream for his or her bouquets, the freshest wedding flowers feature vivid hues like vibrant orange, hot pink, electric crimson and green.

Vibrant colors may be easily utilized in combination together to create up an arrangement with citrus hues or bold purples and pinks. These colors may also be used alone like a single color bouquet or can participate a monochromatic bouquet combined with more muted shades.