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Women’s clothes are the most complicated topics around the world. One might think that clothes are something that a person buys to keep them warm. But women’s clothes are another story completely. When the women dress in the morning, he does not just open the closet and everything that comes out, that’s what they will wear. The decision what to wear in the morning is more an emotional problem. The clothes it will wear will be determined by one’s mood and what will be pierced that day.

For men, this problem of clothes has absolutely no sense. They can not understand why a woman would come out a cold winter day where snow came down almost two feet, with boots that have four-inch heels. Why does not the woman get out and buys flexible boots of comfortable rubber that will prevent her from falling as opposed to high-heeled boots that almost guarantee a disastrous fall and a painful walk. When asked a question about it, a woman will say, “Do not exaggere! They are really comfortable enough and I walk it very well. In fact, I walk better in these occasional flat shoes.” It’s not is not the lady lying. It’s just that she has allowed her emotions to take over so much things it’s really the way she feels.

The “beauty is painful” dicton is exactly what women experience every day when they dress. These are not only the shoes or boots extremely uncomfortable they wear. These are also the skirts they can hardly walk, the tights that are so stuffy and itchy, and the coat and gloves that really seemed fashionable, but hardly keep the women warm. But a woman will be held in the cold weather with the last coat of style wool that does not work while keeping the wind and freeze almost to death, as long as it looks good and pretty.

It’s the nature of women and there is really nothing in the world that can change it. The only way there is a chance that a woman will wear something really comfortable is that this piece of specific clothes is in style. But if it’s not the style, there is almost no chance of seeing a woman wearing comfortable clothes unless she is at the gym.

So, if your wife is one of those women who are absolutely no meaning when it comes to his clothing, do not try to tackle her by convincing her to walk in clothes and sneakers comfortable all day . It will not work. Instead, accept it to accept it for whom it is and be sure to compliment it on its clothes and tell how great it looks. She will not change, but at least she will feel good about herself!